IFTF Expo Holland 2017

The Flower Hub Expo

The IFTF Exhibition took place in Vijfhuizen last week and once again The Flower Hub was there representing our growers and the fantastic variety of flowers we source.

An encouraging number of people attended the exhibition and our team had put together an excellent stand.

With an impressive range of products on display The Flower Hub stand had a distinct feel of alternative varieties. As the market becomes overwhelmed with the choices of rose varieties our stand attracted buyers from all corners looking for that little something different and special. With over 22 crops readily available we were able to exhibit to a section of the market that is seeing demand being affected by limitations in supply.

Another significant theme at the show this year was the influence and development of IT and software on the industry. The Flower Hub of course was able to promote our investment in this exciting area. With our new IT system currently being rolled out it was great to have prospective and current customers being assured that we are making progress with the industry’s requirements.

The future is bright for The Flower Hub and we left the show with a more than satisfied customer base and an extensive list of enquiries that we are busy following up on. If you were one of the unfortunate ones to have missed us at the show or unable to make it, then worry not as we have our details on our contact page should you want to get in touch.

Valentines Day

We are all preparing for our biggest selling week of the year….Valentines day.

All around the world people are exchanging flowers and gifts to show how much they care and the chances are that your delivery of Red Roses will come from Kenya

Kenya is the third largest exporter of cut flowers in the world, accounting for around 35% of all sales in the European Union.

Being on the equator Kenya has the benefit of year round warm climate and high altitude, helping produce high quality roses without the expense of heating greenhouses.  Kenya also has excellent transport links to Europe, and from there, the rest of the world through Nairobi airport, which has a terminal dedicated specially to the transport of flowers and vegetables. This means that delicate floral cargo has the shortest supply chain from growers to consumers.

IFTEX Expo Kenya

The organisers of IFTEX Expo Kenya today announced the fourth edition taking place on Wednesday 8th June to Friday 10th June 2016.

IFTEX will again be held at the state-of-the-art building the “Shree Visa Oshwal Community Center” in Parklands Nairobi. Due to the great interest of existing exhibitors to participate again, and the invitation to flower growers from surrounding countries to exhibit as well next year, IFTEX has managed to extend its exhibition space with another 5.000 m². This will bring the total exhibition area to almost 11.000 m². Together with the expected internationalisation, this event is becoming a regional flower trade fair for not only Kenyan flower growers, but as well for growers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia and other African flower producing countries.

The venue with a total gross exhibit space of 11.000 m²exhibition space is divided in 7 individual halls. It has excellent and sufficient parking facilities. The site is therefore perfectly suitable for the purpose of a trade fair and will be able to offer a professional platform to both buyers and vendors. Although the fair is primarily aiming for flower growers to exhibit, also suppliers to the floriculture industry fit perfectly well in the exhibitor profile and are therefore very welcome to exhibit as well. However flower growers will receive prime attention, as they are the ones that attract the international buyer. These buyers are expected to travel from all main flower consuming nations and continents, such as from Europe, Russia, USA, Middle East, South East and even from Africa itself.