Product Profile – Statice

Statice (Limonium sinuatum, also known as Seafoam) is a fantastic filler that has been around for years.

Flower Facts

Historically in Blue and Lilac however, it has recently found fashion with a wide range of colours from Pink to Peach to Yellow meaning that there is a colour of Statice for every event and cut flower bouquet. Modern varieties such as the “Wings” series from Hilverda Florist are bold & vibrant and really offer outstanding impact and value for money. The word Limonium comes from the Greek word leimon meaning meadow as the common habitat of Limonium is seaside salt meadows and sinuatum meaning wavy edged which refers to the shape of the flower stem. 

The Statice ‘flower’ is comprised of the true flower which is small and white and the sepals or calyces which are the brightly coloured part that the product is known and sold for. Interestingly the stems also have three wings, perhaps the reason for the series name from Hilverda mentioned above, which grow along the stem. Both stem and leaves are covered in fine hairs. 

Growing Statice in Kenya

For consistency, at The Flower Hub we typically work with Statice where the plants have been produced by Tissue Culture. This gives us and our customers a stronger stem with better value, more vibrant colours and larger flowers (which are not true flowers, we’ll come onto this) than a seed grown crop. Tissue Culture means that each plant is genetically identical!

Great care must be taken when processing Statice as if it stays damp it is prone to mould. We are conscious of this throughout the supply chain and ensure that Statice is packed fully dry and is kept cold until it reaches our customers. The feedback from our current customer base is overwhelmingly positive!

Kenya’s climate with warm days and cool nights and relatively dry air for most of the year seems well suited to growing Statice. Statice is popular product not just for its vibrant flowers but for its robust nature and long-lasting effect in a bouquet. At The Flower Hub we work with the leading growers of Statice in the world allowing us to supply a full range of colours at consistently high quality. 

Statice has really seen a come back in recent years. We believe this is due to the combination of the expanding range of colours now available and its ‘everlasting’ qualities. It dries incredibly well, holding its colour much better that most flowers. This allows you you to enjoy that special bouquet for longer, or buy statice to dry it specifically for dried arrangements! Dried arrangements are also becoming increasingly popular as people look to seasonalilty and reduced waste.

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