Celebrating Women in Horticulture in Kenya

March this year celebrates women in so many different ways. These celebrations cross countries and cultures – as Women, as Mothers, as Grandmothers. With International Women’s Day on Wednesday giving thanks to women across the globe, it seemed an appropriate time to point out what an incredible part women play in the Kenyan Horticultural industry.

The amazing fact is that women make up 75% of the workforce in the Horticulture sector.  This spans every level – from management to farm owners, from directors to the pickers themselves.

The theme of this year’s Women’s Day is to #EmbraceEquity and this is particularly relevant here in Kenya.  Equity means giving everyone the opportunity to be successful no matter from what point they are starting.  Not everyone needs the same thing as we all start from different places.

Women within our workforce still face too much inequality, but Kenya is moving in the right direction.

“A robust framework in Kenya exists through the labour laws and key provisions in the constitution. But it is not enough to have laws on paper. There is a need to go to the next level and look at the more imperative issue of implementation,” says Mary Kambo from the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC).

However, she says, Kenya is not only making progress with regard to locally enacted laws but also in relation to international labour laws.

“Kenya has this far ratified seven of the eight International labour laws. This is a very positive step in the right direction,” she adds.

It’s about providing the right tools so that everyone can thrive in this industry and get to where they ultimately want to be.

We celebrate all the wonderful women in our industry and say thank you, Asante Sana.  But what we also say is: follow your dreams, smash through the glass ceilings and get to wherever you want to be.


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