Our Offer

The Flower Hub provides a quality-assured, low-admin, cost-effective, ethical and personalised farm to wholesaler export service.
We offer you:

Value and Efficiency

We add value to the entire supply chain by looking after the extensive grower and partner relationships we have built on behalf of our clients. This minimises the administrative burden, simplifies communications and consolidates documentation, combining all costs into a single invoice.

We have also streamlined the direct supply chain, so our flowers spend less time in transit and travel fewer miles, making the process less costly for our clients and more rewarding their customers. 

Our ready-made bouquets are packed on farm, generating substantial savings in labour costs for our clients, whilst also saving time and handling: shop ready for instant sales.

We also have innovative packaging solutions using smaller boxes and mixed boxes to save costs in transport and handling for quick and easy onward distribution.

Your Product, Our Journey.

Quality Control and Assurance

Rigorous Quality Assurance from farm to vase.

We work with over 50 accredited growers, some of which are the only truly regenerative flower farms in Kenya, granting our customers access to the very best the country can provide. We can preserve quality throughout the supply chain because we manage it ourselves, acting as your ‘boots on the ground’ every step of the way.

A streamlined and rigorously quality controlled supply chain, together with end-to-end temperature-controlled transport and warehousing, ensures all our blooms arrive in peak condition and with a two-week vase-life all year round. 

Our top growers have earned at least KFC Silver Certification, which means they adhere to a strict code of practice and comply with international standards. These are recognised by the supply chain as responsible sources.

Our key Partnerships

We are unique in that we don’t grow flowers ourselves but choose to work with growers who share our values and operate to the highest possible standards. The flowers we select for our clients, are chosen according to their needs, not ours. 

Our portfolio of growers deliberately includes farms from a wide range of regions and altitudes, enabling us to offer clients uninterrupted supply and unbeatable choice all year round. They cover over 1200 hectares of crops and produce over 1.6 billion stems of roses per year from over 800 hectares. They produce 3.5 million stems of summer flowers every year and 1.5 million stems of Alstroemeria.

Our Kenyan partners across the supply chain help us deliver on time every time and are more than just growers: including packaging suppliers, logistics companies, the KEPHIS inspections, we will have it all covered.

Protecting you from the unpredictable.

Agility and Resilience

The agility to deliver no matter what the next global crisis holds:

With over 75 growers spread across Kenya, including multiple sources for every crop, our portfolio is structured to protect our clients supply from unpredictable weather patterns or geo-political disruption.

Our approach to logistics and freight is diversified for the same reason: we use over a dozen different airlines every week and have the option to ship by sea, granting us agility to adapt and respond to crises quickly, ensuring our clients always have flowers on their shelves.

With offices alongside our versatile airfreight partners Kuehne and Nagel, we have an optimal perishable cold chain including vacuum cooling and simplified freight and logistics.


Keeping ahead of demand in an ever changing industry:

We seek to drive and embrace process innovation because it makes us uniquely responsive to our clients and agile in the face of the unexpected. These projects are constantly evolving, ask us about our:

Retail Solutions with our Packed at Source range and in house florist

Packaging solutions with our Small boxes 

Regenerative horticulture – working with pioneering farming methods in Kenya

Sustainability – Our Improvement Journey

To act as a force for good for people and planet and give clients and their customers long term peace of mind.

Our 5 objectives to embed environmental, social and ethical best practice at the heart of the The Flower Hub:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint and support everyone we work with to achieve the same goal.
  • Use The Flower Hub Sustainability Project to invest in long term sustainable projects that support the health and education of communities, and address the causes of the global environmental emergency. 
  • As a member of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative 2025, one of our goals is to work with suppliers with integrity who share our vision of a sustainable future.
  • Be a leader in regenerative horticulture.
  • Achieve B-Corp certification.