Our Benefits

We believe our customers deserve easy access to the most beautiful flowers. So, The Flower Hub works to ensure worry-free delivery of excellent quality, cut flowers from Kenya directly to customers worldwide. We offer you:

Value and Efficiency

We aim to add value to every part of the supply chain, whether that’s cutting down on paperwork and phone calls, through to packing as much on farm to save you expensive labour costs. We have 30 people ensuring complete customer satisfaction at JKIA from order processing to documentation to quality control, giving you just one set of paperwork.

To help you reduce labour and save money we have developed an extensive range of packed at source mixed bunches ready to pop into a vase at home. Alongside our bouquet designers we can tailor make a PAS range to suit your clients needs. Our QC team quality check product before departure against your specifications to ensure you don’t get product you don’t want and can’t sell.

High Quality Products and Service

At The Flower Hub we accept nothing but the best quality cut flowers. We visit our growers regularly through the year auditing and checking product and ensuring that they are following due process and adhering to our ethical standards. We use accredited growers which include 18 that are KFC silver.

We also have 1200sqm exclusive space at Kuhene and Nagel our logistics partners, where we ensure product is vacuum cooled on arrival before shipping. We use Temperature loggers to prove our cool chain on over 150 flights per year. Our vaselife room ensures we follow our product through the supply chain ensuring the optimum quality. We are regularly audited by Fairtrade and other labels to ensure Trade compliance.

Extensive Market Relationships

We help you manage all of your Kenyan relationships to ensure that you always have flowers on your shelves. Whether that be the growers, the KEPHIS inspections, the handlers and logistics operators we will have it all covered.

With over 120 growers and multiple growers of every crop that we supply to we have it all covered. Our growers cover over 1200 hectares of crops and produce over 1.6 billion stems of roses per year from over 800 hectares. They produce 3.5 million stems of summer flowers every year and 1.5 million stems of Alstroemeria.

Speed and Agility

We have the speed and agility to deliver no matter what global crisis appears next. We use over a dozen airlines weekly and we are freighting globally, every day.

To make things simple our offices are based alongside our versatile airfreight partners Kuehne and Nagel, where we ship 70-80 Metric tonnes per week.

Innovation and Sustainability

Sustainability and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are busy building our sea freight volumes so that we can efficiently load full containers on farms and shop globally using this more sustainable transport means.

The Flower Hub are fully committed to delivering Climate Neutrality across our operations going forwards and are working with One Carbon World with the aim of being officially recognised by the UN as Climate Neutral, under the Climate Neutral Now initiative. ​We constantly updating our range by contracting new crops with growers and working closely with the breeders who are all based in Kenya. We are currently developing a range of spray roses and expanding our summer flower range in this way.