About Us

Our business evolved with a mission to simplify the supply chain and allow our customers access to fresher flowers.

In order to do that we act as a service provider between the best farms in Kenya and manage the supply chain directly to your business.

Reducing the steps from farm to customer means fresher flowers, and therefore a longer vaselife to enjoy your blooms.

In 2005 our Directors looked to cut the supply chain and to supply summer flowers directly from their farms into global importers skipping the auction process.

This was extremely successful so we soon had requests for many other flower types including roses.

The Flower Hub was born

With global markets in Japan, Middle East, the UK, Holland, USA, France, and Scandinavia, we are experts in distribution. Our family has grown to a 30 person team, we are here as your boots on the ground here in Kenya with our eyes firmly on the product before it leaves and ensuring the cool chain and the quality from start to finish we can guarantee the best flowers.