5 Reasons to Source Kenyan Flowers Directly

The global flower market is vast. This means that the choices are seemingly endless when it comes to sourcing flowers. Kenya is, and always has been, one of the global leaders in exporting cut flowers. Whilst the reasons are often due to their unrivalled quality, there is more to Kenyan flowers than their beauty and standards. We will give you the top 5 reasons to source Kenya Flowers directly, and guide you on the best way to do it.

1. Quality of Kenyan flowers

We have mentioned it already, but without a doubt the quality of Kenyan flowers must be reiterated. The sunny, equatorial climate makes for year-round production with little cost of greenhouse heating. Roses are a strong suite in Kenya. The fertile volcanic Rift Valley soils and Lake Naivasha’s freshwater provides the ideal environment for flowers of the best quality.

2. Benefit the millions

There is more to Kenyan flowers than their beauty and unique standard. Most importantly – it’s about the people. Each flower represents the flower industry’s far-reaching economic benefits to the local population. In a country where jobs are few and the population is huge, over 2 million livelihoods are positively impacted by the Flower Industry. 100,000 Kenyans are directly employed by flower farms, which means their whole families are supported. The floriculture industry actually contributes 1.45% to Kenya’s national GDP. So, by choosing Kenya as your source you are directly benefiting the local population and Kenya’s economic development.

3. Increasing Standards

In years gone by Kenya received some criticism for working conditions on some of its major flower farms. Consequently they have made drastic improvements to the industry’s safety standards and procedures. Using sources like The Flower Hub to order your flowers gives piece of mind as we hand-pick small scale, KFC Silver Certificated and/ or Fairtrade flower farms to ensure your flowers are as socially and environmentally sustainable.

4. Simplify the supply chain

At present, around 60% of Kenya’s exported Flowers go through the Dutch auction. Therefore sourcing directly from Kenya, and cutting out the middle man, means that Kenya’s flower farms will reap the benefits of sales more directly; and the environmental impacts of exporting can be reduced through direct supply. Companies like The Flower Hub were set up with the purpose of simplifying the supply chain. Therefore giving our customers a more direct access to Kenyan Flowers.

5. Fresher Flowers

The benefits of a more direct supply chain, means fresher, longer-lasting and higher quality flowers for you, the consumer! This means a win-win for the Kenyan Flower industry and for you! So using a service provider like The Flower Hub that connects small-scale, ethical Kenyan Flower farms and the consumer is the best way to go about sourcing your Kenyan flowers.

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