IFTF 2022 in review

We were so happy to be back at IFTF this year with a stand again, having been on foot last year. It was so encouraging to see so many people in attendance at a live event again, and particularly to be able to interact with them from our stand.

The Flower Hub Team

The International Floriculture Trade Fair is the biggest show we go to. As it is based in Holland – the heart of the flower world, it is the place to go for international buyers, growers, and everyone involved in flowers. There are huge arrays and displays of every type of cut flower, so couple this with the Aalsmeer Trade Show (more flowers!) just around the corner and you are spoilt for choice.

There was a lovely vibe at the show this year, so many exhibitors we haven’t seen for a while and the familiar faces we know from the past.

To kickstart the event, there was a Sea Freight Conference the morning before. This involved a panel of experts and some interesting discussions. Having completed a number of trial and commercial shipments by sea we are fully up to speed with the current situation, but it was so good to hear what others are experiencing, and have some open discussions around this very important topic.

This year also gave us a chance to show off our new branding and logo set in a huge bright back wall graphic, as well our signature displays of flowers on the corners of the stand, showcasing everything Kenya has to offer.

We had a few keys focuses this year and these were highlighted on the stand itself:

Talk to us about:

  • Our quality assurance and values
  • Our tailor-made mini boxes
  • Our evolving freight solutions
  • Our packed at source range
  • Our sustainability agenda

We see many changes afoot in the world of cut flowers, and this was the perfect opportunity to really discuss these with our current customers, potential customers – and indeed anyone who wanted to chat about them. We are only too aware of the burgeoning challenges our customers are facing as a result of world circumstances, with rising fuel, freight and production costs to name but a few.

Kenya can offer a strategic advantage with some of these issues: with the sun on our side for growing 365 days per year, we are not having to light and heat glasshouses. The varietal development and growing techniques are constantly evolving and Kenya product in PAS lines is not just for entry level retail buckets anymore.

The growing subject of sustainability brought many a discussion to the stand. There is a complex balance of factors that this involves and is a debate that we are keen to open up and discuss further. We would love to chat more with you about what sustainability means to you. With some serious focus on this matter recently, watch this space, we are so keen to work positively with our growers and customers.

It is this personal touch and level of service that makes all the difference in our industry: We have really missed the face-to-face meetings with our customers over the past few years. Gestures as simple as being able to shake hands, and sit down together for a coffee to discuss how things have been; how things are and what the future might hold make such a difference, and we really would like to continue this beyond the shows. We are always open to visitors too..!

If you were interested in what you saw or heard about The Flower Hub at IFTF and how we can help you, or if you wish to purchase flowers from us, please contact your account manager or email us at enquiries@theflowerhub.co.ke