Our Story

From the seed to the vase

Our business began by sharing knowledge. By refining techniques and working closely with local growers in East Africa and global importers, we developed a unique end to end process resulting high quality product being delivered on time and efficiently . Today we call it The Flower Hub.

The fact that we collaborate with key farms in East Africa sets us apart from other distributors. It means that we have a detailed knowledge of the production process and vested interest in the quality of the flowers that are produced. It also puts us in complete control of the supply chain – from the planting and harvesting to the packaging, delivery and distribution.

Every stem we sell comes with freshness guaranteed.

Mann Flowers

Adapting to the needs of clients

Our business has evolved a great deal over the years and we have learnt to adjust our behaviours accordingly. After six months we moved away from producing summer flowers like Hypericum to focus on a wider range of options including Roses, which now make up 50% of our sales.

Despite starting off as a wholesale supplier, we also began to produce more retail products, including mixed bouquets with sleeves and labels ready-made for supermarkets. In 2009, we opened a French office to help break down language barriers and in 2012 we even set up a base in Holland to ensure client deliveries always go without a hitch.

We believe that it’s our ability to add value at every stage of the process that makes the difference to clients. And more importantly, it means that the freshness of our flowers, the speed of our delivery and the quality of our service is never in question.

With sizeable markets in Japan, USA, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Scandinavia and Australia, we are experts in distribution.


An ethical approach

Because we oversee the entire life cycle of every flower we produce, we only ever approve the pick of the bunch for our customers. But it isn’t just the quality of the flowers that we care about. We take our social responsibility very seriously too and go out of our way to ensure that our employees enjoy good working conditions and decent wages. So if you want reassurances about our Fair Trade credentials, you can be confident that we tick all the right boxes.

We know how important it is to do things in the right way.