Our Purpose

Our Team

Our Team is the most important part of The Flower Hub.

Without them, we would not be. This amazing group of people are pictured right on a team building day where we planted trees, swung from the skies and refined our aims and goals.

Our Ethics

We believe in ethical trading.

We support the KFC Silver Certification, or equivalent, for its Environmental, Social and Ethical standards as a benchmark for farms to meet.

The Flower Hub is Fairtrade registered, and therefore able to trade Fair Trade flowers globally.

Our Environment

We launched our new brand: Safari Garden with less packing as a core focus.

We have targets to reduce packing throughout our customer based– and are working with our current customers to make a change.

Our Community

Its not always about flowers, we like to support the people and projects around us.

We proudly support our local orphanage, as pictured here, but believe our community also extends to conservation and wildlife.