Our Purpose

Our Team

Our Team is the most important part of The Flower Hub.
Without them, we would not be. This amazing group of people are pictured right on a team building day where we planted trees, swung from the skies and refined our aims and goals.

  • Graduate internship
  • bike to cycle around the airport
  • Team building

Our Ethics

We believe in Ethical trading. If we don’t like the ethics of the farm, we don’t want to buy from them.

  • With a team of 28, in a city of a few million, we are not one of the big players in the community, instead we have our own projects, we like to focus on the small ones, where we can pop in and visit and bring joy directly to those in need. The Orphange in XYZ is exactly that.
  • We support the KFC Silver Certification, or equivalent, for its Environmental, Social and Ethical standards as a benchmark for farms to meet.


We launched our new brand: Safari Garden with less packing as a core focus.

We have targets to reduce packing throughout our customer based– and are working with our current customers to make a change. However most often than not, the change need to start with the end consumer.


Must have an ethical and environmental awareness: e.g. KFC/ GG/ etc, or be working towards it if they are a newly established farm.

The Flower Hub is Fairtrade registered, and therefore able to trade Fair Trade flowers globally.